Doc. 127/13 Bulk Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon Storage Systems at Production Sites

"This document covers storage installations on production sites where the storage tank is flat bottomed constructed and is connected to the production process plant and the individual tank capacity exceeds 125000 litres.

For storage installations made with vacuum insulated tanks or cluster tanks or where the tanks have an individual capacity less than 125000 litres it is an individual company or storage system owner’s decision to use the present document as a guide for the general requirements of the installation.

All new storage installations shall comply with this document. Application of this guide to existing installations is an individual company or storage system owner’s decision.

The publication is part of the programme to develop globally harmonised publications amongst Regional Gas Associations and is an extensive rewrite of the previous edition of EIGA Document 127, published in 2004.

This document is intended for the guidance of those persons directly associated with the design, installation, operation and maintenance of bulk cryogenic liquid storage systems.

The intent of this guide is to ensure that a minimum, uniform level of safety is provided throughout the industrial gas industry for the protection of the public and industry employees."