Doc. 125/11<span>Guide to the Supply of Gases for Use in Foods</span>

The document is intended to establish an awareness of the particular legislative requirements as they apply to food gases and to offer advice and guidance on how these requirements may be met. The document covers legislation on purity criteria, hygiene and food safety requirements, use of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), labelling, and lot marking and traceability, as applied to different modes of supply:

  • bulk gas production, transport & storage,
  • gases supplied in cylinders and transportable receptacles,
  • dry ice production, storage, and
  • on-site gas generators.

The document should be read in conjunction with the legislation referenced in the document. The document has been revised to take into account a number of changes in food legislation and references have been updated accordingly.

The document is intended for all those involved in the supply of gases for use in food gas applications including those who are responsible for the supply chain, quality control and regulatory compliance.