Doc. 109/14 Environmental Impacts of Acetylene Plants

"This document is intended to serve as a guide for acetylene plant operations to assist in putting in place a formal environmental management system that can be certified by an accredited 3rd party verifier.

  It aims to provide a guide for operating managers for identifying and reducing the environmental impacts of these operations. 

  It also provides the basis for establishing the Best Available Techniques for the purposes of the EU Directive on Industrial Emissions.

Some references in the text of the previous version of this document indicated that it was acceptable to add some amounts of sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate to a lime pond.

EIGA has concerns about the acceptability of these practices and has revised the text in the current document to make it clear that it is not acceptable to add anything to a lime pond or pit other than carbide lime except under controlled and permitted conditions.

These changes are clearly marked in the revised document."