Doc. 07/14 Metering of Cryogenic Liquids

This document includes recommendations for approval procedures and verification tests of flowmeters and measuring systems. The recommendations take into account the EU Directive 2004/22/EC on Measuring Instruments. However, in the formulation of this recommendation the knowledge and experience of the European gas industry have been applied to ensure that the document is soundly based and incorporates best available technology. In addition, account has been taken of the many practical difficulties that arise in metering due to the particular properties of these liquids. In this way the recommendations have been designed to ensure the correct functioning and accuracy of flowmeters used for cryogenic liquid metering.
Installation features and methods of operation are both highly significant factors in accurate metering of cryogenic liquids and are dealt with in detail in the document.
The document is intended for personnel involved in the installation and operation of cryogenic liquid flowmeters and measuring systems.