Doc. 05/13 Guidelines for the Management of Waste Acetylene Cylinders

"This document is a revision of EIGA document Doc 05, originally produced in 1993.  Developments in environmental policy and practice have prompted the additional guidance in this revised document. 

The main principles remain unchanged, that is the commitment to the identification of 'best industry practice' and guidance to EIGA members on its implementation.

This document sets out the standards for the safe treatment or disposal of acetylene cylinders and reflects the priority that EIGA gives to the protection of people and the environment. 

The document determines the standards to be achieved and describes methods by which these can be achieved.

Revisions have been made to edit publication terminology in line with the EIGA style manual, addition of publication terminology, references and related EIGA documents.  Main changes are marked in the document. The document is intended for all those involved in the management and disposal of waste acetylene cylinders."