Doc. 04/18Fire Hazards of Oxygen and Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres

This publication is intended to provide personnel who are working with oxygen, or who may be working in or near oxygen-enriched atmospheres, with a high level of awareness of the fire and explosion hazards associated with these conditions.

It sets out essential information necessary and the relevant protective measures that should be taken to prevent fire hazards resulting from handling oxygen.

An appendix provides a summary of the information in the publication that can be reproduced as a pamphlet to be handed to those involved in daily operations involving oxygen or be used as a supplement to safety presentations.

A second appendix lists some incidents that have taken place in recent years and can be used as examples underlining the hazards of oxygen and oxygen-enriched atmospheres.

This publication can be used as a training package suitable for supervisors, line managers, direct workers and users wherever oxygen is produced, stored, used, or where oxygen enriched atmospheres could otherwise occur.


The publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonised publications amongst Regional Gas Associations.