Other European Trade Associations AEGPL-BUSINESSEUROPE

European Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (AEGPL)

AEGPL is focused on finding solutions to technical, economic and institutional problems concerning the LPG industry in Europe, in particular in the areas of safety, protection of the environment, standardization and legislation.

Major areas of common interest between EIGA and AEGPL are clearly standardization issues associated with gas cylinders, and transport regulation related to gases.

Confederations of European Business (BUSINESSEUROPE, formely UNICE)

BUSINESS EUROPE (formely UNICE) has as one of its foremost tasks the provision of information to the decision-making process at European level, so that policies and legaslative proposals which affect business in Europe take account of companies’needs.

EIGA consults with BUSINESSEUROPE on specific issues which could significantly affect the business of its member companies.

International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT)

Founded in 1953 for the technical and scientific aspects of soft drinks and beverages including ingredients.

EIGA is particularly interested in developing common standards for gases specification (CO2, N2) and recommendation for the handling of these gases.