Regional Gases Associations

A key focus area for EIGA is the promotion of harmonisation within the Industrial Gases industry, through co-operation with other Gas Associations. There are three main reasons for this.

  • Establishment of consistent world-wide standards for the industry’s activities, in order to realise continuous improvement in the areas of safety and product integrity.
  • Presentation of an agreed industry viewpoint in discussion with standardisation and regulatory authorities.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary duplication of work, and the potential for inconsistency that this brings.

Maintenance of close and effective working relationships with other major Gas Associations is therefore an important aspect of EIGA’s work.

EIGA has worked closely with the U.S. Compressed Gases Association (CGA) for several years in pursuance of these objectives. A work process has been established whereby all new work items are reviewed prior to commencing work to ensure duplication of effort is avoided, and to determine how liaison is best achieved. In some instances, joint working groups have been established, and the same final document has been issued by both Associations.

Following its formation in July 1999, the Japan Industrial Gas Association (JIGA) has also become involved in the harmonisation initiative by joining the International Harmonisation Council (IHC).

As of 2003, the Asian Industrial Gases Association (AIGA) is also joining in the efforts and the Australian New Zealand Gases Association (ANZIGA) is expected.