European Commission

One of the main functions of the Commission is to make proposals for all new Community legislation. Before it issues an item of draft legislation, the Commission carries out extensive preliminary soundings and discussions with representatives of governments, industry, the trade unions, special interest groups and, where necessary, technical experts.

EIGA has participated in the consultative meetings for the preparation of EC Directives that have or will have an impact on the production, transport or use of industrial and medical gases - e.g. the Seveso Directive, the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), the transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED), the Pipeline Directive, the Dangerous Preparations Directive, the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive, the Food Additives Directive, the Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Pharmaceutical Products, etc.

EIGA is invited to participate in the Standing Committees that monitor the compliance with those regulations in the EU member states. EIGA members can contact the EIGA office or the chairman of the relevant EIGA Working Group when encountering problems to comply with European legislation affecting the production, transport or use of gases.