Result and Awards

Over the last 30 years the average work injury frequency of the member companies has decreased from 26 to around 2 lost time injuries per million worked hours - a considerable improvement.

In order to stimulate its members in their continuous safety efforts EIGA has introduced a number of safety awards that are handed over to the successful winners at EIGA's Safety Awards Dinner, following the Annual General Meeting at the yearly EIGA Summer Session.

Doc 903 (on the members only part of our website) provides all the details, but here are the main elements.

Company Awards

The Company Award is based on the recordable work injury reports submitted to the EIGA Office.

Safety Innovation Award

EIGA Safety Innovation Award recognises Best Health and Safety Practices.

Zero Accident award - Location

EIGA issues Safety Awards to Member Company sites achieving a certain number of years or worked hours without work incident.

Since the start of the award scheme in 1981, awards have regularly been made to member companies at the association's annual meetings in recognising periods of accident free working, in some cases exceeding 25 years.

Improvement – the Peter Jackson Award

The Peter Jackson Award is to commemorate Peter Jackson, who was an active participant and supporter of the safety work in EIGA and its Member Companies

The award is given each year to the EIGA Member Company which has achieved the best improvements in safety through planned actions. It is based on safety performance over a period of five years.

Road Safety Award

The EIGA member companies are controlling a fleet comprising several thousand vehicles with an annual driven distance of over 500 million kilometres.

To further increase the attention to traffic safety, a Road Safety Award is given to companies in each category obtaining the lowest preventable road vehicle accidents frequency rate.

Environmental Award

The EIGA Environmental Award recognises best environmental practice and is also designed to encourage EIGA member companies to look to promote best practice, learn and adopt new ideas that benefit their business, the environment and the communities they work in. The award is open to all EIGA member companies. The award can be presented to an individual, team or a site within a member company.

Working Group Award

EIGA has over 250 experts from Member Companies participating in 50 Work Groups. Each year, the Working Group or Ad-Hoc Group that best fulfils the criteria of customer satisfaction, achievement, work process, leadership, teamwork and participation is nominated for the Working Group Award.