Result and Awards

Over the last 30 years the average work injury frequency of the member companies has decreased from 26 to less than 2 lost time injuries per million worked hours - a considerable improvement where EIGA has played a significant role.

In order to stimulate its members in their continuous safety efforts EIGA has introduced a number of safety awards that are handed over to the successful winners at EIGA's Annual General Meeting and Safety Awards Dinner.

The most recent one is the the Safety Innovation Award for projects benefiting the health and safety of employees, contractors and customers and the communities they work in, with nominees submitting a short application describing the project, details of the benefits and the award criteria against which they wished to be assessed.

Other awards are the Company Awards, the Zero Accident Award - Location, the Peter J. Jackson Safety Award, the Road Safety Awards and the Environmental Award.

Company Awards

The three Company Awards are awarded to the member company in each Membership category that has the lowest recorded recordable work injury rate.

Zero Accident award - Location

Any location achieving  a number of worked hours, or a number of consecutive years, without a lost time injury to any of its Employees or Contractors, will receive an award for this achievement.

Since the start of the award scheme in 1981, awards have regularly been made to member companies at the association's annual meetings in recognising periods of accident free working, in some cases exceeding 25 years.

Peter J. Jackson Safety Award

Peter Jackson held a number of technical posts during his 35 years of service with BOC. A significant proportion of his time was spent in the Special Gases business of BOC where he was Operations Director. Peter Jackson served on various EIGA Working Groups as member and chairman before he became Safety Director of BOC Gases Europe in 1985. In this position he was a Safety Advisory Group member for many years.

Unfortunately he died in November 1991 during his term as SAG Chairman.The Peter Jackson Award was considered to be the best way to commemorate his exceptional contribution to safety management and safety awareness in the whole EIGA organization. The Award started in 1992 and is now given to the EIGA Member Company with the best improvement in work injury rate based on a five-year period.

Road Safety Award

The EIGA member companies are controlling a fleet comprising several thousands vehicles with an annual driven distance of some 500 million kilometres.

To increase further the attention to traffic safety EIGA has established an Annual Road Safety Award Scheme. The companies in each category obtaining the lowest preventable road vehicle accidents frequency rate for the period January to December will receive the corresponding EIGA Annual Road Safety Award.

Safety Innovation Award

The EIGA Safety Innovation Award recognises best health and safety practices and is intended to encourage EIGA member companies to look to promote best practice, learn and adopt new ideas that benefit their business, the health and safety of their employees, contractors and customers and the communities they work in.

A theme or focus area is selected by the EIGA Board each year, to link in with planned Workshops, Symposia or Campaigns.

Projects submitted for the Safety Innovation Award should satisfy one of the following categories:

  • Safety leadership - Proactive/state of the art health and safety efforts leading the gases industry.
  • Incident prevention - Specific identifiable preventative measures identified through comprehensive risk assessment or incident investigation and analysis processes that have delivered a subsequent reduction in incidents (near misses, recordable incidents).
  • Product stewardship - Promoting product stewardship by working with customers or suppliers to improve health and safety performance in the use of our products and services.

Environmental Award

The EIGA Environmental Award recognises best environmental practice and is also designed to encourage EIGA member companies to look to promote best practice, learn and adopt new ideas that benefit their business, the environment and the communities they work in. The award is open to all EIGA member companies. The award can be presented to an individual, team or a site within a member company.