Focus Area: Load Security

The EIGA publications relating to Load Security can be downloaded from this page.

Ensuring that the equipment that we transport is securely attached to the vehicle is both a legal and safety responsibility. The equipment EIGA Members transport that require to be secured includes:

  • Pallets;
  • Cylinders;
  • Cylinder in pallets;
  • Bundles of cylinders; 
  • Cryogenic liquid containers;
  • Pressure drums; and
  • Dry ice containers

If any of the above equipment is not sufficiently secured and becomes loose there is a possibility for it to strike other vehicles or persons resulting in serious injury or death.

There is a legal requirement under the transport regulations, the European Agreement on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods, usually referred to as ADR, to ensure that loads are adequately secured. This references a European Standard EN 12195-1, Load restraining on road vehicles. Safety. Calculation of securing forces.

To assist EIGA Members in applying the regulations as well as having a safe system of load security, EIGA has produced EIGA Doc 52, Load Securing of Class 2 Receptacles.

For those who transport dry ice, guidance is given in EIGA Doc 150, Guidelines for Safe and Hygienic Handling of Dry Ice.

Guidance on the transport of cylinders for homecare, see the Focus Area: Good Homecare Practice

In addition, those who transport cylinders in non-dedicated vehicles do need to pay attention to ensure that the cylinders are secure. For guidance on this see EIGA SL 08 Safe Transport of Gases and SL 09 Safe Transport of Dry Ice