WG-7 – Medical and Breathing Gases

WG-7 reports to the Medical Gases Council and focusses on the regulatory aspects of medical and breathing gases. WG-7 activities include:

  • To support the safety, regulatory and standardisation activity specific to those gases that are utilised in the medicinal field and in other fields where gases are inhaled in order to ensure the safety of the user, the gas company employees and contractors.
  • To act as a focal point within EIGA for matters concerning registration, production, filling, storage, handling, use, transportation and disposal of medical and breathing gases and the service required for the supply of the product.
  • To cooperate and coordinate with other EIGA working groups with regard to work programme and expert advice.
  • To recommend to the MGC where publications are required to define industry best practice and to prepare such publications.
  • To provide advice to the relevant stakeholders and to support the development of legislation and standards relating to the scope of activity.
  • To demonstrate to external stakeholders of medical and other life support gases that EIGA is the recognised Industry Association on the subject of these products.
  • To investigate reported breathing and medical gas and other delivered therapy related incidents and adverse events and advise on appropriate recommendations and actions to be taken by EIGA and/or EIGA members.